Katie’s story
Written by Mum Charlotte

Katie, aged 9, has a condition called Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia. When she has an episode, her heart beats very hard and fast, doing 240 beats per minute. It is as if her heart is trying to burst through her chest, and she experiences chest pain, blurred vision, dizziness, shaky limbs, constant chest flutters, headaches, dizzy spells and nausea. She also gets tired very quickly. Despite all this, Katie tries not to let her condition stop her from taking part in her favourite activities, which are street dancing, karate, swimming and playing the piano. Katie is on medication but will also need an operation at some point.

Katie was referred to the Royal Brompton Hospital Children’s Cardiac Unit by her local hospital when she had a severe episode during her swimming lesson. She became very distressed and started sinking in the water as she had no control over herself.

Her family have been fundraising for the Brompton Fountain family support charity for over a year now, doing various events as their way of saying a massive thank you to EVERYONE at the Brompton for the amazing work they do and the wonderful way Katie has been cared for. Katie wanted to do something for the Brompton Fountain herself, so asked if she could take part in the Superhero run to raise funds for the charity that she owes so much.
The Brompton Fountain team are very grateful for all the support already given to the charity by Katie and her family. (edited)


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