How Your Fundraising Helps

The Brompton Fountain works closely with other teams within the hospital and provides funding for many departments, not just on the wards, including outpatients, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, clinical nurse specialists, the play room, and the school, as well as funding vital medical equipment on the wards and at home. We also fund hospital amenities and refurbishments. Additionally, we host regular educational webinars, psychological wellbeing workshops, and antenatal sessions.

We rely on our fantastic supporters who fundraise for our charity to help us make a difference and improve the patient experience at Royal Brompton Hospital.

We support Royal Brompton Hospital in the key areas listed below.


Organising your own event is a great way to raise money and have fun at the same time. 


Organising your own event is a great way to raise money and have fun at the same time. 

Support Services

We provide support and vital resources for children aged 0-25 and their families. Our charity organises regular social events, parties, pamper evenings, and activities – both in hospital and in the community. We host local support groups and psychological wellbeing sessions, as well as social events for grandparents. We also have a youth group for young people to meet others with similar experiences where we hold regular activities and days out. In conjunction with the fetal nurse specialists we host antenatal clinics for parents whose child has received a diagnosis of a congenital heart condition and informational days for young people transitioning to adult care.

Medical Equipment

We fund medical equipment like portable heart and oxygen monitors so patients can leave the ward safely; INR blood testing machines which evaluate blood using a simple finger prick; sensory and physiotherapy equipment to improve patient wellbeing and to help aid their recovery; and defibrillators and ultramodern bedside heart monitors for patients undergoing cardiac surgery and other complex treatment.

Parent/Carer Amenities

We fund accommodation so families can stay close to their child whilst they receive treatment, lounge areas for families to unwind, kitchen, cooking and washing resources, refreshments, toiletries and improvement to the hospital facilities to create a positive and comforting environment. We also supply essential items in case of an unplanned or emergency admission.

Specialist Projects

We help improve patient and family centred care as well as working with the paediatric family liaison officer, the hospital and wider trust teams and external stakeholders to develop new initiatives to help our patients and improve the hospital experience.

The Hospital Playroom

The Playroom is an important, non-clinical, space away from the bedside. Not just about toys, the fantastic team of play specialists work hard to use the resources and activities housed in this room to care for each child. We work closely with the school and  play team and buy exactly what’s required to ensure that they have everything needed to brighten the hospital experience for young patients.

Treats and Entertainment

For those who arrive at the hospital in an emergency, we can provide packs containing toiletries and other essentials. We provide newborn gift-boxes, seasonal gifts, children’s activity packs, and part-fund music on the wards. For those staying for longer admissions we offer accommodation packs and provide food vouchers, haircuts, manicures/massages, and gym memberships.


Healing Hearts Appeal

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals treats treat some of the most seriously ill children in the country. Many patients have life-limiting conditions and will require frequent admissions and often long stays in hospital for surgery and ongoing treatment for the rest of their lives.

Our Healing Hearts appeal will enable us to fund lifesaving medical equipment and specialist resources to improve young patients’ care and help aid their recovery.

With the money raised from the appeal, we aim to purchase new state-of-the-art bedside heart monitors for the children’s ward. These touchscreen machines will provide tailored monitoring for each child. They are also wireless which means that staff can monitor patients remotely.

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