Planning Your Admission to Royal Brompton Hospital

We understand it can be daunting navigating your first admission. We’ve listed below some helpful information to help you familiarize yourself prior to your first visit.


Psychology Clinical psychologists have special knowledge about child development and learning. They have also studied the types of difficulties that children and families may experience when a member of the family has a health problem. They do assessments and may use a range of ‘talking therapies’ based on research-based evidence to offer to children and their families if required. You can contact the psychology team by emailing DeptPaediatricClinicalPsychology@rbht.nhs.uk or calling 0207 351 8251. Examples of the help or advice a clinical psychologist can offer:

  • Planning for and having medical procedures and treatment
  • Preparing for and coping with change
  • Behaviour difficulties which may or may not be because of the physical illness 
  • Mood problems
  • School/learning at school 
  • Answering questions put by the child or others about their medical condition
  • Managing challenging treatments or situations so that life can be as ordinary as possible
  • The role of parents/carers in a medical setting
  • Parents/carers or family worries about the child’s medical condition or treatment
  • The needs of other family members


Play Team The play team are there to support your child during their hospital stay through providing developmentally appropriate play preparation and distraction techniques. The play room at Royal Brompton Hospital is a bright and inviting space where children are able to spend time away from their bedside. The room contains a large variety of toys, resources, and equipment for any age of patient, from cot mobiles and musical boxes for young babies to tactile toddler toys, books, and art supplies for older children and a great range of electronic resources such as DVDs and games consoles. All play team staff wear a bright pink polo shirt so you can always easily spot them! You can contact the play team by emailing Paediatricplayteam@rbht.nhs.uk.


Family Liaison Team The family liaison service, based at Royal Brompton Hospital, is a non-medical/nursing team that can support you from your child’s admission through to discharge. You can contact the family liaison team by calling 020 7352 8121 and ask the operator for extension 8588 or emailing familyliaisons@rbht.nhs.uk.


Dieticians All dietitians at the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust have a recognised degree in nutrition and dietetics and are registered with the Health Professions Council. Dietitians work with patients to advise on matters relating to nutrition. They translate nutritional science into practical advice in order to help patients make appropriate diet and lifestyle choices. Patients will see a dietitian if they:

  • Are at risk of malnutrition
  • Have a food allergy or intolerance
  • Have swallowing difficulties
  • Have just been diagnosed with diabetes


Clinical Nurse Specialist The teams of clinical nurse specialists (CNS’s) are here to help you and your family medically, practically, and emotionally, and all nurses are trained in their area of care. The team work with children and their families from the point of diagnosis. They provide support, advice, education for hospital staff and colleagues in the community, with whom they work closely. All nurses can give written information to back up the information you are hearing; discuss what this means for your child and family; help you plan how to manage at home; talk with health professionals; and put you in touch with other organisations which might help you. They can also talk with your child’s school if you wish, to help them provide the right care for your child if needed. If you want to contact a specialist nurse, please see contact information below:









Chelsea Community Hospital School The school team at Royal Brompton enables children to access education while they are in hospital. They provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum – either in the classrooms, or at a child’s bedside (on both Rose Ward and PICU) – and are able to personalise provision according to students’ individual needs. This experienced team establishes crucial links with children’s home schools in order to provide continuity of education, particularly essential for students who may spend many weeks of their school life in hospital. You can contact the school by calling 020 7352 8121 ext 2415 or emailing admin@cchs.org.uk.


Breastfeeding and Expressing Team Full support and information regarding breastfeeding and expressing is given to new mothers at Royal Brompton Hospital through the Breastfeeding and Expressing Support Team (BEST). If a baby is not able to feed directly from the breast, there are breast pumps, disposable bottles and attachments available. A member of staff can teach mothers how to use the equipment and show them where the expressed milk is stored. There are dedicated facilities available for expressing on Rose ward and intensive care. Breastfeeding and expressing mothers are able to order meals from the Rose ward food trolley. 



Parents’ accommodation is on Level 6 and for parents/nominated family members only (maximum of two people). There are limited rooms available so parents of children in the Intensive Care Unit (PICU) are given priority. There is additional parents’ accommodation on South Parade, a five-minute walk from the main building on Sydney Street. Due to health and safety regulations, siblings are unable to stay in the accommodation on Level 6. Parents cannot sleep in PICU but can visit at any time (expect during doctors’ rounds at 8am every day). On Rose Ward, one parent is able to sleep at their child’s bedside on a fold-up bed. There is a parents’ kitchen on Level 6, plus a lounge and two toilets/showers. The kitchen contains a refrigerator, washing machine, and two microwaves for heating up meals. If you wish to store food in the refrigerator, please label your food clearly as anything unlabeled will be disposed of. There are also kitchens in PICU and at the accommodation on South Parade. 

Food & Drink

There are a number of meal options available throughout the day at Royal Brompton Hospital. There is a canteen located on level 1 (lower ground floor) serving hot cooked meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. There is also a café on level 2 (ground floor) serving a variety of sandwiches, toasties and snacks, plus a selection of Starbucks hot drinks. There are vending machines located around the hospital, including several in the canteen and on level 2 between main reception and the cafe. There is also a WHSmith shop on Level 2 (next to the cafe) which sells various food and drink items, newspapers/magazines, plus a range of essential items that you may require during your time in the hospital.

PICU and Rose Ward

PICU You can be assured of the highest standard of care, managed by internationally recognised experts in their field equipped with the most modern means of achieving as speedy a recovery as possible. There is a small sitting room on the unit and a kitchen where parents can make drinks and heat simple foods. Your child will have their own nurse following surgery, once they no longer require this support and are recovering their nurse may need to look after two patients. Please ask your nurse at the bedside for any information you need and let him or her know about any concerns you may have. Parents cannot sleep in PICU but can visit at any time (expect during doctors’ rounds at 8am every day).

Rose Ward On Rose ward, the ward nurses are also there to work with you, as a parent, to give the right care and support your child needs. As your child improves, we will support you to take on care and medication as your child reaches the stage of being discharged to either home, or a hospital nearer to where you live. Throughout their stay, your child’s consultant will lead their care alongside the medical team, including a senior nurse who leads a large team of nurses.  On Rose ward, it is possible for one parent to sleep on a fold-up bed next to their child as long as this does not affect the care the nurses need to give.

Visiting Times Only two people are allowed by the bedside at any time. This is because too many people around a bed at one time can make it difficult for us to nurse your child or the other children close by. Parents have 24-hour access to the ward. Extended family, including children and supporting adults can visit at certain times during the day, please check the hospital visiting webpage for up to date guidelines. Children can use the playroom but we do ask that an adult supervises them. Anyone who has an infection (such as a cold, sore throat or tummy bug) should not visit the ward.


Religious Spaces

Being in hospital can be a hugely stressful experience, whether you are receiving treatment or supporting someone who is. It is important that you take time to recover and also to maintain any spiritual or religious practices that you uphold in regular life. There are several spaces at Royal Brompton Hospital for patients and families to visit for meditation, prayer, or spiritual time. In the Sydney Street building there is the chapel (located on level 2 by the lifts) and a multifaith room (located next to The Brompton Fountain office). In the Fulham Road building there is a quiet room (located on level 2 Victoria ward). Additionally, the multi-faith chaplaincy team are available to talk and provide spiritual support. If you would like to see someone from your own faith group, this can be arranged, either from within their own team or from their many religious contacts locally. The chaplaincy team can be contacted by emailing chaplaincy@rbht.nhs.uk, or asking one of the ward staff to get in touch on your behalf. You can find more information about the hospital’s pastoral care on the Chaplaincy page.


Packing Lists

We appreciate that often the last thing on your mind when coming into hospital is remembering what items to pack. As such, we have asked the Brompton Family to recommend items that they bring and make staying at the hospital a tiny bit less stressful. Of course, if you do forget items such as clothing and toiletries, please come visit us in our office at Royal Brompton Hospital (on Level 2 near the lifts) and we can assist.

Packing for parents:

  • Toiletries
  • Light comfortable clothes
  • Sweater/hoodie
  • Pyjamas
  • Socks/underwear
  • Slippers/flip flops
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Book/magazine
  • Notepad and pen
  • Tablet/laptop
  • Deck of playing cards/portable games
  • Spare pillow (if you are expecting a long stay)

Packing for baby:

  • Special blanket and some toys
  • Hat
  • Socks, in a few different sizes (to fit over bandages and monitors)
  • Baby grows with buttons or poppers
  • Baby vests

The following items will be provided by the ward for your baby if needed:

  • Bottles and teats
  • Dummies
  • Formula milk 
  • Nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Skin care products
  • Breast pumps and expressing equipment
  • Toys and musical mobiles


The hospital is based in four buildings, three of which (the Sydney, Chelsea and Britten wings) are based on the same site, accessible via the main reception on Sydney Street. Fulham wing (for outpatients) is on a nearby site, three minutes’ walk from the main buildings, accessible from the Fulham Road. When you arrive, please go to the main reception on Sydney Street (or Fulham Road if you are attending an outpatient’s appointment). The receptionist will direct you to your ward. We are a ten-minute walk from South Kensington station, which is on the Circle, District and Piccadilly lines.



There is no patient or public parking at Royal Brompton Hospital and only a very limited pickup/drop off area at Sydney Street. There are metered, on-street parking options, please see the following apps and websites for availability:

  • The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 
  • Just Park 
  • Parkopedia
  • Q-Park
  • Your Parking Space

Parking for disabled badge holders is available on Dovehouse Street, Dudmaston Mews (these are controlled by the council and not bookable through the Trust), Cale Street and Foulis Terrace. For outpatients visiting the hospital for an appointment, there are five parking spaces in Dudmaston Mews (behind Fulham Wing/South Block) available to reserve. These spaces are subject to availability and must be reserved within two weeks of your outpatient appointment. To reserve a space, please call 020 7351 8012 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. 

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