Play Team

Royal Brompton’s team of hospital play specialists and assistants provides vital input for paediatric cardiac and respiratory patients. Far more than simply providing recreational activities, the play team’s expertise ranges from relaxing and preparing children for their treatment to developing behavioural programmes.


Young child playing with colourful toy, has a bandage on her hand,

The Play Team work closely with the family liaison team and the wider multidisciplinary team to meet a child’s often complex needs.

They are here to support your child throughout their hospital experience, providing developmentally appropriate play preparation and distraction techniques.

Guided play prior to, during and post procedures, interventions and surgery can help your child and their siblings deal with any feelings and any anxieties that may arise.

This holistic approach can provide a positive hospital experience and a healthy adjustment to the hospital environment.

Brompton Fountain Promo Shoot 2013The Play Room at Royal Brompton Hospital is very well stocked and contains all kinds of equipment for any age of patient, from cot mobiles and musical boxes for young babies to tactile toddler toys, books and art supplies for older children and a great range of electronic resources such as DVDs and mini players, games consoles and televisions.


There are also a selection of specialist sensory toys, these are particularly useful for post operative stages when children are less mobile and can be used to stimulate and encourage interaction.


A member of the play team (in their bright pink uniform) can usually be found in the Rose Ward playroom. If you would like to contact them before an admission you can call 0207 352 8121 Ext 2026.