Important Update: Royal Brompton & Harefield and Guy’s & St Thomas’ expected to become a single NHS Foundation Trust early in 2021

  • Subject to the agreement of both organisations, there is an expectation that Royal Brompton & Harefield and Guy’s & St Thomas’ will become a single NHS Foundation Trust early in 2021.
  • Whilst this will further strengthen their close working, changes to where services are provided are subject to entirely separate approval processes, requiring public consultation.
  • NHS England commissioners are expected to present proposals for public consultation in 2021 regarding the future of the services.  These proposals will set out the case for bringing paediatric services together in an expanded Evelina London Children’s Hospital, in around 5 years’ time once new facilities have been built.  

Cick HERE to read the full statement by Dr Aaron Bell, Head of cardiac services, Evelina London & Dr Jan Till,  Divisional director of children’s cardiac services, Royal Brompton & Harefield.

Joint Statement by Trudy Nickels, Chief Executive of The Brompton Fountain and Samantha Johnson, Chief Executive of ECHO

As two independent charities dedicated to helping the families of children affected by congenital heart disease (and respiratory diseases, The Brompton Fountain only) we welcome further clarity on how children’s cardiac services at Evelina London and the Royal Brompton & Harefield will work together in the future. Both The Brompton Fountain and ECHO (Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation) support families of CHD patients and have opened conversations about how best our charities can support families through this change. The Brompton Fountain (established 2005) and ECHO (established 1983) have valuable experience in supporting families through times of change and will continue to do so through this period. The close working relationships we have with the hospitals and medical teams concerned place us in a strong position to communicate your priorities, concerns or questions to ensure this process is as smooth as possible for all affected.

At the heart of our work and decision making is the need to provide emotional and practical support to children with CHD and their families. We will work independently and alongside one another to ensure this continues in the best way possible.

The Brompton Fountain will continue to work closely with families and will provide updates and support to patients and relatives under both the cardiac and respiratory teams as plans continue. We look forward to building on relationships with the Evelina and ECHO teams and to collaborating on ideas, to ensure a bright future for all. Trudy Nickels, Chief Executive Officer, The Brompton Fountain

“ECHO have extended our membership to families treated by the teams at the Royal Brompton & Harefield and its networks to enable us to best connect the children’s heart community. Earlier this year we were warmly welcomed by Trudy & the team at the Royal Brompton with a tour and introductions to key staff and look forward to ongoing conversations” Samantha Johnson, Chief Executive, ECHO

We know this is an incredibly difficult time and many families are facing heightened anxiety due to the COVID:19 Pandemic. We wish to reassure our members than we remain dedicated to providing support services to families now and into the future and are here if you need us.

If parents/carers or patients would like to discuss how this may impact your family please do contact us directly: