Forever In Our Hearts Appeal

The loss of a child is the greatest tragedy a parent can ever experience. Nothing can prepare you for it, and the scars it leaves will last forever. We support families throughout the process to help parents to plan, grieve and celebrate their child.

Whilst in hospital, families are provided with a memory box containing items which will help them form precious memories (including canvases, clay moulds, and a scrapbook). For babies who spend their whole lives in hospital, this may be the only opportunity parents have to make footprints and fingerprints with them. The Brompton Fountain works closely with the Family Liaison and nursing teams to ensure families receive professional and compassionate care.

We also organise a Rainbow Party in the summer and a Remembrance Service later in the year. The Rainbow Party is a celebration for parents and siblings, a chance to connect with others and to enjoy a fun day out. The Remembrance Service is a day of reflection in which families commemorate those they have lost. It is held at Royal Brompton Hospital and is attended by many of the hospital’s staff.

Your donation to this appeal will make a real difference to families who experience child loss. Whether it’s providing child-friendly bereavement books for siblings or helping with funeral arrangements, we will be there for them.

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Thank you for your kindness and support.