Edward's Story

This is Brompton Baby Edward’s story as told to us by his mum Kellie:

On the 10th July 2013, Edward David Nash was born at 3:04pm, with AVSD (Atrioventricular septal defect). This condition had been picked up prenatally, so we knew what was to come. Edward often had cold hands and feet, and a very pale complexion due to poorly oxygenated blood being pumped around his body. He would also struggle to feed, as he would become so breathless and tired. He was put onto high calorie milk to help him grow and gain weight in preparation for his surgery.

At four and a half months old, weighing 10lb, Edward was admitted to the Royal Brompton Hospital Children’s Cardiac Unit ready for his planned heart surgery. After a seven hour operation, we were finally able to see Edward in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). He was almost unrecognizable, as there were so many tubes and wires on him. Edward proved how strong he was as just 48 hours after the surgery his ventilator was removed, and over the next 2 days, the wires and tubes were removed one by one.

Four Days after the surgery, Edward was moved onto Rose Ward, where despite his obvious discomfort, he still managed to smile and “flirt” with the nurses, as is his usual nature. Edward recovered very quickly, but did suffer a set-back when he caught a blood infection, resulting in a few extra days stay in hospital for antibiotic treatment. Ten days after having AVSD repair, Eddie was allowed to go home, which put a smile on his face, as well as ours, just in time to start opening his advent calendar!

Eddie has since made a full recovery, and along with all the family, enjoyed a very happy 1st Christmas, and was spoilt rotten. So spoilt in fact, he had to take two days to open all his presents! Edward now finishes his feeds in record time, and has very warm hands and a healthy glow. Seven weeks post op, Edward went back to the Royal Brompton for a check-up, where much to our surprise, we discovered his left valve was leaking, and therefore he would need more surgery later this year.

Despite all this, Edward is the happiest, cheekiest, most affectionate little boy, who smiles at everyone he meets. We would like to thank all the doctors and nurses at the Royal Brompton Hospital who looked after our little man and helped him along his speedy recovery. The Brompton Fountain family support charity helped make the whole experience a little more bearable, from the bigger things like helping us with a room to stay close to Edward, to the little things like being able to have a tea in the parents’ room. They even supplied musical toys and fibre-optic lights for Edward to enjoy during his recovery period.

Thank you for giving my little boy his life.

Proud parents of Edward – Jon and Kellie

Here is a link to his cheeky video

Edward’s Cheeky Video









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