Daisy's Story

From her mum Emma:
Daisy was born on 10th September 2010 weighing a very healthy 8lbs 4. Everything was fine for the first 3 months then on New Year’s Eve 2010 she got diagnosed with hip dysplasyia and she was put in a hip harness for 4 months – this seemed to solve the hip problem!


Then we noticed she had very low muscle tone and wasn’t doing the things a normal 4-5 month old should be doing like holding her head up and she was very floppy.


On July 14th 2011 Daisy was very poorly so I took her to Dr’s, he prescribed antibiotics and said she had throat infection! Within half an hour I noticed she was breathing funny so we were rushed to hospital where an X-ray showed that Daisy had chest infection! The next few days she went downhill so had to be ventilated and taken to the Evelina Children’s Hospital!  It was there she was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Athrophy). Our lives were thrown upside down!!


We were then moved to the Brompton little knowing that this was where we would be spending a lot of time! Despite everything Daisy has gone through (and she’s been through a lot) she is such a happy little girl! We are so thankful to everyone at The Royal Brompton for everything they have done.


Friends of Daisy and her family have set up a very special group to help raise awareness and funds for SMA. Please take a look at their Facebook page and website here:





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