Our Trustee Board


Dr Michael Rigby

Michael Rigby, Chairman of the Brompton Fountain and consultant cardiologist, has been a Trustee for more than 10 years. Having worked at the Royal Brompton for over 41 years, looking after infants and children into adult life, he is well known to hundreds of families. He has a national and international reputation as a writer, clinician and teacher with friends in the field of cardiology from all over the world. His hobby is singing and playing piano often with his three daughters. He is particularly proud of the continuing success and progress of the charity under the supervision of Trudy Nickels, providing help and support to an ever-increasing number of families.

Collette Pridmore

Collette is mum of three wonderful children. Her middle son is called Jacob and is under the excellent care of the Royal Brompton Hospital. Jacob was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Haemosiderosis in 2006 a rare and life changing illness. Collette and Jacob regularly spend time on Rose Ward and have needed the care of PICU during more unstable periods in his condition.

Dr Louise Fleming

Dr Louise Fleming is a Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician and Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College, London. She has worked at the Brompton on and off since 1999 and has been a consultant since 2011. Her main research interests are asthma and pre school wheeze, for which she has a number of active studies. Clinically she looks after children with a range of respiratory problems. She is a strong advocate for improving care for children through strengthened clinical pathways and ensuring they are represented in research.

Professor Piers Daubeney

Professor Daubeney is a Consultant paediatric and fetal cardiologist. He has developed a leading international research team which has carried out three of the largest multi-institutional studies into childhood heart diseases in the world, as well as being a regular lecturer at the National Heart and Lung Institute. He was also part of the original group of staff to assist in establishing The Brompton Fountain charity.

Lydia Strachan

“Lydia is a mother of two girls and public sector communications professional. Her eldest daughter was diagnosed before birth with a serious congenital heart condition. After she was born, she was transferred to the Brompton, where she spent many months on PICU. Her daughter requires regular on-going follow-up, and will do for the rest of her life. But she has that life because of the care she received at the Brompton. The Brompton Fountain were an essential source of support for Lydia and her family throughout their time in hospital and after.

Clare Milner

Clare has fifteen years’ experience in marketing with a special interest in charity advertising. Her daughter, Sophie, was born with a serious heart defect and spent most of the first four months of her life at The Royal Brompton. Thanks to the medical and developmental support Sophie received at that time from the doctors and the team at the Brompton Fountain, she is now a happy and fearless two year old. (She also has an excellent sleep routine, which Clare attributes to the brilliant Brompton nurses on HDU, and for which she is extremely thankful).

 Niamh Nyoni

Niamh is a paediatric nurse. She has worked at the Brompton Hospital since 2002. Niamh worked on Rose ward as a ward sister until 2012 and is now a Quality Improvement nurse, doing service improvement, working closely with the clinical teams on the paediatric unit.