Chief Financial Officer

Maureen Edwards

Maureen has been married to Ed for 43 years, they have two children David and Fay, David is an IT consultant and Fay is a Police Officer. They have lived in Essex for all of their married life and run their own plastics manufacturing business.

Her interests are based around young people and Maureen was a scout leader for 9 years until experiencing a back injury, she has been involved in a Street Tough for Kids project, promoting integration of immigrant children and a school governor for 12 years.
Her personal hobbies are quilting, embroidery and swimming.

“I haArron & Coll 2014 Swimming 006ve become involved in the BF through my grandson Coll, who was born with heart problems and had surgery at the Royal Brompton Hospital.



I wish to contribute in any way I can to the support for families of children in similar situations that the Fountain provides.”