Trudy Nickels TrudyNickels

Trudy Nickels oversees the day to day running of the charity, working closely with the hospital paediatric teams and families to ensure that the Brompton Fountain’s resources are put to the best possible use.

She has been an important part of the charity for over 9 years, introducing and helping to develop many major support projects and fundraising activities, as well as building on the overall scope of our work.

Trudy is also mother to Freddie, a young boy who has a univentricular cardiac condition. Freddie has undergone four open heart surgeries at Royal Brompton Hospital, as well as many other invasive procedures and tests.


Having had the experience of long hospital stays and knowing the ongoing challenges of parenting a child with serious health implications has given Trudy a passion for supporting others and the empathy needed to deliver this role.



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